How it works

The Audit Process

All we do is Audits of SMSF’s and we are experts at it. Hence, we have follow our processes that reflect ‘best practice’ processes.

We work with you to achieve an audit that is efficient, highly professional and timely.We always strive for new ways to improve our processes of communicating and exchanging documents with you.

We provide a checklist to assist you to provide all information to allow for an efficient audit. Download here.

The audit process

  1. If you are and existing Administrator, contact us, or set up the fund on your client portal;
  2. If you are a new Administrator, please create your new account and we will contact you with further instructions.
  3. Issue engagement documents:
    • Letter of engagement;
    • Trustee Representation Letters;
  4. Document submission (via file upload or email);
    • Letter of engagement;
    • Trustee Representation Letters;
    • Required Information documents as per checklist;
  5. Audit planning and request of specific supporting documents We plan our audit engagements carefully and request only specific documentation to support our audit opinion. This reduces the amount of documents you are required to submit to us and hence increase the efficiency of our audits.
  6. Receipt of data Upon receipt of the order and all data, we will confirm the acceptance of the work and advise you of the expected completion date;
  7. Queries. Any queries are directed back to the Administrator; If actual or possible contraventions of SIS are identified, will contact you immediately.
  8. Completion: Upon completion, we will issue an invoice
  9. Agreed fee paid
  10. Issue Audit Opinion & Management Letter